Department of Cosmetology

The specialization of Cosmetology and cosmetics/Bachelor’s program was introduced at the academic year 2020/2021 within the umbrella of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Mutah University. This specialization came in response to the need of the local and Arab labor market to supply qualified specialists in the field of the cosmetic industry and the preparation of cosmetics, in addition to their experience and skills in cosmetic procedures for hair and skin care and their interactions with the health and pharmacological conditions for the future of the service.

Enrollment in the Cosmetology program requires regular study for a period of four academic years, with 140 credit hours distributed between theoretical subjects related to basic sciences such as chemistry and biochemistry and their applications, medical sciences related to human anatomy and physiology of the human body, pathology, pharmaceutical sciences and their interactions, in addition to the use of natural products and essential oils for health and cosmetic purposes. The student will also be trained to the methods of skin care, hair and nails, and the use of modern devices to treat skin diseases and to resist the effects of aging, such as phototherapy and laser. In order to prepare our students for the labor market, we provide them with intensive training and education through specialized professors on communication skills, management of cosmetic centers and marketing, and professional ethics and legislation.

We welcome all students from our local community and from other countries, and we hope to work together to create an innovative educational environment and provide the community with qualified people who are able to provide cosmetic and therapeutic services.

Head of the Department

 Dr. Moussa Magharbeh